Welcome To the Smart Valve Blog

Welcome to the official blog for the amazing, patented and NSF certified SMART VALVE from Flow Dynamics. We will use this space to highlight some of the many success stories our distributors and their customers have been experiencing, as well as sharing interesting and informative news about what is happening in the water industry.

Please be sure to explore our website as it thoroughly explains the benefits of installing the Smart Valve and answers the most frequently asked questions.

Over 90% of water users are good candidates for saving money on their water and sewer bills with the Smart Valve, and many users will also conserve water for even bigger savings along with an environmental benefit. If you are not already a customer we are certain you soon will be. Please contact us if you need help finding an authorized Smart Valve distributor.

If you are a water or energy professional, we welcome your inquiry into becoming a qualified distributor of the Smart Valve.

Welcome to the one and only Smart Valve. It really is like adding brains to your water meter!