About Us

Our Mission

Bring to market smart inventions that save money and water

We are inventors, tinkerers, leaders. Our founders have a legacy of discovering game-changing products that provide extraordinary benefits in a simple way, making positive impacts on customer’s bottom line and the earth’s resources.

That’s what happened when our founders discovered The Smart Valve™. With their diverse backgrounds in the water industry and commercial applications, they knew there was something special to be had. The rest is history as the Smart Valve™ has been installed in over 20,000 water systems and has saved customers an average of 20% on their water bills annually.


As a team, we are committed to putting our customers first in all we do.

We are:


We are tenacious, we don’t give up. We work through challenges and come out better on the other side.


We are tinkerers, inventors, we believe new ideas have the potential to change the world.


We work closely with our distributors and customers to fine-tune each unique application.


We do what we say, say what we do.


We are lifelong dreamers, committed to always advancing, finding a better way.

Our History


The Original Smart Valve™

The First-Generation of Smart Valve™ was a true game changer. An ingenious invention realized out of simple physics that created an entirely new market. A new technology patent application was filed in 2010, and in 2014 FLOW DYNAMICS was awarded the first patent in the field, US Patent 8,707,981. While we were enjoying growing success, we realized the original design had some inherent challenges and drawbacks. Namely, you could not make adjustments to find the perfect setting without removing the valve. So, we set about designing a more advanced Smart Valve™ that would eliminate this issue and allow us to consistently achieve maximum performance without ever having to turn off the water again.

The Breakthrough

In 2017, we introduced the patented 2nd Generation Smart Valve™, the first and only EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE flow management device available. It turned the non-adjustable First-Generation design into dinosaurs. The Smart Valve™ was now a one-size-fits-all device that is externally calibrated to your system AFTER installation. In 2020 it was issued US Patent 10,544,569.

Eliminating the need for time consuming up-front site surveys and pressure readings and the inconsistent, costly results from the ‘old way’, we are now able to achieve perfect calibration on every installation, and importantly, in the event the setting needs to be changed in the future it can be done in seconds while the water is still running, without the need for a costly plumber.

We believe that you are either improving or you are dying. To that end, we continue to improve the Smart Valve™ and in 2018 developed an even more advance design for our larger flanged valves. This THIRD-GENERATION design provides TRIPLE the flow capacity of previous designs, a much wider range of adjustment, and fingertip calibration. It was awarded US Patent 11,016,512 in May of 2021.