This is a MUST read; Water Wastewater Escalation Rate Study

Download: Water Wastewater Escalation Rate Study

Clearly, we are in a new age of water resource management and water conservation. And that’s a good thing.

However, an ironic side effect of reducing water consumption is that it becomes a contributing factor to rising water rates! That’s because the amount of money a water municipality charges its customers is based on the cost of operating the system, regardless of how much water is actually consumed. They use consumption as the measure so that customers pay their ‘fair share’ of the system cost, but the system operating costs themselves are largely fixed and don’t vary much with consumption.

So, while reducing consumption is important because it preserves our precious water resource, it doesn’t reduce the operating costs of running the system. So, if the costs stay the same (or more likely go up over time), but the consumption goes down, what happens? Obviously, the amount collected per gallon must go up to make up for the shortfall.

This may only be one contributing factor, but it is clear that significantly rising water rates are what we are seeing almost everywhere, as can be seen in this report by the US Department of Energy. It shows a national average increase of 40% in water rates and 24% in wastewater rates over the past 8 years! This trend will only continue and even accelerate in many places.

How can we combat this? There are only two options: you can further reduce consumption, or you can pay less for the water you are using. That is where Smart Valve comes in!

The Smart Valve is a flow management device that will reduce your water bill by improving water meter accuracy so that you pay less for the same amount of water usage. In many cases it can also help reduce water consumption. Typical savings reported by customers is between 15-30%.

The 2nd generation Smart Valve is the world’s first and only externally adjustable device of its kind. This allows the valve to be perfectly calibrated to the water system AFTER installation for maximum results, and allows adjustments to be made in the future without any interruption of your water delivery.

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