TRC Management Co. 2nd Generation Smart Valve Install – apartment complex, Jersey City, NJ.

  sv_trc_post_images TRC Management Co. has reported results from a recent installation of the 2nd Generation Smart Valve in a mid-rise apartment complex in Jersey City, NJ. Having successfully installed several valves (original design) over the past 3 years, the savings results from the new installation were very impressive, showing a reduction in average water metering from 3,750 gallons per day to 3,075 for an 18% reduction over the initial 3 months of monitoring. As an historically 100% occupied apartment complex, this property has extremely consistent water consumption from month to month, so the effect of the Smart Valve is easily measured. The dollar savings will be significant since the sewer charges are also based on the water meter reading and are 140% of charges for water. What makes the results even more impressive is the fact that the building has low city water pressure. The adjustability of the new Smart Valve permitted it to be installed in the building without causing any tenant complaints about the water pressure. The Smart Valve is a flow management device that will reduce your water bill by improving water meter accuracy so that you pay less for the same amount of water usage. In many cases it can also help reduce water consumption. Typical savings is between 15-30%. The 2nd generation Smart Valve is the world’s first and only externally adjustable device of its kind. This allows the valve to be perfectly calibrated to the water system AFTER installation for maximum results, and allows adjustments to be made in the future without any interruption of your water delivery. For more information, to find a distributor near you, or to inquire about becoming an authorized distributor, please visit or call Flow Dynamics LLC at 877-843-8555.