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Is The SMART VALVE™ Safe And Legal To Install? The SMART VALVE™ is legal to install on the user side of the water meter (after the backflow preventer if one is present). Installation must be done in conjunction with all applicable laws, codes and standard plumbing practice in your area, however, no special permits or permission should be necessary. The SMART VALVE™ is constructed of extremely strong and durable Acetron GP and stainless steel, is in compliance with NSF / ANSI 61 (potable water) and NSF / ANSI 372 (lead free) and is safe for use with all potable and non-potable water applications. You can read more about our certifications and download the full report at the following Smart Valve™ FAQ and Testimonial links:
Technical Specs

100% Plumber Endorsement of the Smart Valve™

Mr. Gordon Kaitting, I would like to start by saying that the Smart Valve product is fantastic and I stand behind the product 100%. I have been a Licensed plumber since 2005 and in the business since 1996. I have a career that has spanned over 25 years. In this 25 years, I have worked for many companies, Union and non. I have worked for the City of Toronto in the large water meter department. I have had a Master’s license for over 20 years. I have also taught plumbing to the next generation of plumbers at George Brown College, Durham College, Humber College and Fleming College. Of course now I own and run my own business which in part because I stand behind the products I install. I have installed over 75 of these valves, and in each case I was able to bring savings to my customers by making the measurement of water from the meter more accurate. As I’m sure you’re well aware I have clients that have saved upwards and over 20%. This product works, I won’t get into the specifics or the science but it DOES do the job. I endorse this product fully and AFER INC. – George Montgomery R.S.E Montgomery Cooper Industrial Services INC

Join the Smart Valve™ clientele and get a 90-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee

The following is a small sample of some of the companies that are now using the SMART VALVE™:
HYATT Hotels
Life Technologies
Irvine Company
Encinitas Union School District
Doubletree Hotels
Renaissance Apartment Association
Tower Drive Laundry
House of Suds
Super Planet
Kleen ‘n Green
Best Western

and many, many more! Join our clientele and get a 90-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident the SMART VALVE™ will save you money that we will let you try it for 90 days and see the results yourself. If you’re not happy with the performance for any reason, just return the valve for a full refund of the purchase price.

The Smart Valve™ is a true water savings and conservation game changer!

Timeline of the Smart Valve™:
2008 – Initial design and development begins.
2009 – First commercial testing.
2010 – Patent application filed.
2012 – Flow Dynamics LLC acquires the Smart Valve technology and patent application. Further advances R&D.
2014 – US patent #8,707,981 awarded as the first patent in the field.
2016 – FD begins design and testing of 2nd Generation Smart Valve. Patent application filed.
2017 – Release of 2nd Generation Smart Valve and retirement of original design.

History of the Smart Valve™:
The original Smart Valve was a true game changer. An ingenious invention realized out of simple physics that created an entirely new market. A new technology patent application was filed in 2010 and in 2014 FLOW DYNAMICS was awarded the first patent in the field, US Patent 8,707,981. Over the next few years we installed countless valves, gaining valuable experience and continuously improving on the design. While we were enjoying growing success, we realized that our original design had some inherent challenges and drawbacks, which mostly revolved around the fact that the valve had to be internally calibrated prior to installation. This meant that if you ever had to make an adjustment to the valve for ANY reason, you would have to turn off the water and remove the valve to do it. So, we set about designing a new Smart Valve that would both eliminate this issue and allow us to consistently achieve maximum performance without ever having to turn off the water again.